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Is your business struggling to manage the upfront costs of essential tooling packages required for manufacturing projects? This is a common challenge in manufacturing industries like injection molding, steel casting, die casting, forging, and stamping die, where upfront tooling costs can be significant. These initial expenses often create financial strain, which can limit your business’s ability to take on new projects and address other crucial operational needs.

At King Commercial Capital, we understand the impact that upfront tooling package costs can have on your business’s cash flow. To help with this, we offer tooling finance solutions tailored to tooling packages, with costs ranging from $50,000 to over $50,000,000. Our tooling finance options are designed specifically for projects that require tooling, providing a practical solution for businesses to manage these upfront costs effectively.

Think of us as your dedicated tooling finance partner, specializing in helping businesses overcome financial obstacles related to tooling costs in various applications. Whether you deal with metal castings, die casting, forging, stamping dies, or injection molds, our goal is to empower businesses across all manufacturing industries with tooling finance solutions. This approach provides the flexibility needed to undertake new projects and adapt to the evolving demands of your business operations.

King Commercial Capital takes pride in being a reliable ally in tooling finance, with a focus on meeting the unique tooling needs of businesses spanning diverse industries. Our emphasis is on providing customized tooling finance solutions to effectively manage upfront tooling package costs, ranging from $50,000 to over $50,000,000. We are dedicated to enhancing your business’s cash flow, creating avenues for growth, and ensuring you can confidently address the crucial tooling requirements integral to your operations.

Choose King Commercial Capital as the partner that propels your business forward with tailor-made tooling finance solutions perfectly suited to your business’s unique needs.

Benefits of Tooling Finance

  • Improved cash flow by limiting upfront costs and spreading out tooling and mold costs over a period of time.

  • Bid on and win more contracts knowing your business will not have to cashflow the upfront cost of mold/tooling costs
  • Expanding your customer base and adds incremental sales

  • Helps keep your bank lines available for other uses

  • Conserving your operating capital

Tooling And Mold Makers:

Stop Losing Deals Because Of Tooling & Mold Cost Your Customers Don’t Want To Pay Or Can’t Pay!

Applying For Tooling Finance & The Process

  • Obtain a tooling/mold quote from your Tool Maker

  • Provide King Commercial Capital with a preferred tooling financing structure that fits your business’s preferences or matches the contract for which the tooling is needed

  • Provide a financial credit package – King Commercial Capital Representative will provide a list of required items

  • King Commercial Capital will review the above-requested information and come back with the first round of questions

  • Once there is a clear understanding of the tooling/mold financing request and the business’s financial picture, King Commercial Capital will submit the file to an Underwriter for review

  • If needed, conference calls with an Underwriter

  • Upon Underwriting approval, a tooling/mold financing proposal will be provided

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