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Has Your Tool Or Mold-Making Business Lost A Deal Because Of A Customer’s Inability Or Unwillingness To Pay Upfront Tooling Cost?

Have You Provided In-House Financing To Front The Upfront Tooling Cost On Behalf Of Your Customers?

Is The In-House Financing You’re Offering Customers Tying Up Your Credit Lines And Putting A Strain On Your Business’s Cashflow?

STOP Losing Deals Due To A Customer’s Inability To Pay Upfront Tooling And Pattern Cost!

STOP Financing Your Customers’ Tooling And Pattern Cost!

We Have The Solution For These Upfront Tooling And Mold Costs!

Offer King Commercial Capital tooling and mold financing solutions to your customers for their tooling and mold needs.

King Commercial Capital, an equipment financing company, can provide financing for tooling and patterns for your customers that struggle with the upfront costs of their needed tooling/molds packages. King Commercial Capital provides financing solutions for all tooling, including metal casting, stamping dies, injection molds, and more.

We Do The Heavy Lifting For You!

When your tool/mold-making business makes customers aware that financing is available, you are providing your customer with a valuable “added value” that could turn out to be priceless to your customer’s business.

Working side by side with King Commercial Capital to help your customers obtain tooling/mold financing is easy!

King Commercial Capital does all the work! Simply provide an introduction to the customer, and a quote or invoice from you that needs to be paid. We take it from there and get your invoice paid on behalf of your customer. Easy!

Take Advantage of Available Tooling Financing Options!

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